A Doll's House Interactive Oral The Interactive Oral is designed to

A Doll’s House Interactive Oral
The Interactive Oral is designed to afford students the chance to lead
discussions. Research and prepare a discussion related to your topic. You may
research your topic on the internet and derive information from documents in
the text as well as your own textual observations. You may use your research
and notes to convey the information, but you cannot simply read an article or a
print out. The research supports a student-centered and organic conversation
centered on the Interactive Oral topics. The discussions should address the
following cultural and contextual considerations:
 In what ways do time and place matter to this work?
 What was easy to understand and what was difficult in relation to social
and cultural context and issues?
 What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own
culture(s) and experience?
What aspects of technique are interesting in the work?
A Doll’s House Topics
Norwegian socio-economic class structure in 1879 & traditional roles of
men & women
Women’s suffrage and feminism @ the time (critiques & Ibsen’s
The original stage production & notable stage interpretations of A Doll’s
Henrik Ibsen’s bio
Realism movement in literature
Rubric for Interactive Oral Presentation on Ibsen’s A Doll House
Preparation / Organization
Did the student submit a detailed outline with proper parenthetical
documentation and a properly formatted works cited page by the required
due date?
Is the outline organized in an appropriate way?
Does the student follow the organizational plan of the outline during the
Knowledge / Understanding conveyed through the presentation
How much knowledge and understanding does the student show of the
cultural and contextual considerations relevant to a literary analysis of the
How much knowledge and understanding does the student show of the
work itself?
The IB Rubric breakdown: 10 marks assigned
1-2 (0-11 pts) little knowledge and understanding
3-4 (12-13 pts) some knowledge/superficial understanding
5-6 (14-15 pts) adequate knowledge and understanding of content
and some implications of work
7-8 (16-17 pts) good knowledge and understanding of content and
most of implications
of work
9-10 (18-20 pts) excellent knowledge and understanding of content
and implications of work
How much attention has been given to making the delivery effective and
appropriate to the presentation?
To what extent are strategies used to interest the audience (for example,
audibility, eye contact, gesture, effective use of supporting material)?
The IB Rubric breakdown: 10 marks assigned
1-2 delivery seldom appropriate or interesting
3-4 delivery sometimes appropriate and interesting
5-6 delivery appropriate and clearly interesting
7-8 delivery effective with suitable strategies to interest
9-10 delivery is highly effective with purposeful strategies used to
interest audience
How clear and appropriate is the language?
How well is the register and style suited to the choice of presentation?
(“Register” refers, in this context,
to the student’s use of elements such as vocabulary, tone, sentence
structure and terminology appropriate to the presentation.)
The IB Rubric breakdown: 10 marks assigned
1-2 language rarely appropriate; limited register and style
3-4 language sometimes appropriate; some attempt at suitable
register and style
5-6 language mostly clear/appropriate; some attention to suitable
register and style
7-8 language clear and appropriate; consistently suitable register
and style
9-10 language clear and entirely appropriate; consistently effective
register and style
15 points possible
20 points possible
10 points possible
5 points possible