Evaluating Security Operations for a Global Company During an

Evaluating Security Operations
for a Global Company During an
International Joint Venture
An Apollo customer formed a joint venture (JV) with a company located in Honduras and El Salvador.
Apollo’s client, the security executive, was asked to contribute to the JV negotiation by evaluating the
facilities’ existing security equipment and operation. The goal was to negotiate any security improvements
necessary to ensure that the facilities met established minimum security standards.
Project Overview:
The assessment needed to be completed in a delicate manner to develop a relationship with security
management of the JV partner company, despite having to point out numerous flaws in their security
program. After all, both parties would need to work together on future security projects.
Apollo conducted security assessments of the existing facilities and evaluated the JV partner’s travel
support capability, assuming that the newly formed JV would experience increased business travel to
the location. The team conducted security assessments for local hotels, airports and driving routes, as
well as executive protection (EP) operations.
Apollo delivered a report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the existing security program and made
recommendations with an implementation plan to address substandard security equipment or operations.
The Apollo team presented their findings openly to both parties during the negotiation process.
Global capability demonstrated
Apollo and their local security partners
provided the client with support services
in Central America
Standards communicated and adopted
Apollo’s tactful approach to identifying
gaps (equipment) while building on
existing strengths (EP operations) allowed
the team to facilitate changes with
minimal pushback.
Mission accomplished
Both the client and its new partner agreed
on necessary secvurity improvements,
including bringing existing sites up to
standard, prior to finalizing the JV.
Partnership formed
Apollo facilitated a positive relationship
between client and JV partner security
teams from the beginning.
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