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Request: I came across this body part that looks like goes to a Pontiac Tempest or Lemans front end.
Would you have any way of knowing or maybe to find out if it even is for a Pontiac and for what year? I
can not find any stamp number. If you need more pictures or information, let me know.
Jon Saulnier
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(1) It looks like the front grill surround for a 1963 Pontiac Tempest, but without having it in my hands to
see for sure, I’m not 100%.
Member: Mike
(2) 1963 Pontiac Tempest front grill surround......
Member: Jim Larson
Thank you for your help trying to identifying that part. Your Pontiac people would spend hours and hours
trying to figure out that the part actually went to a 1969 barracuda. A friend of mine, here in TR, had
some knowledge on vintage car parts and told me what it went to. So call off the search. Thanks,
Member: Jon
Request: Pontiac 601 four door De Luxe 1933 straight 8. Engine
badly damaged by freezing,
Most parts except block, head and thermostat housing seems to be in useable condition.
I urgently need a 1933 straight 8 engine (or other year that fits without rebuilding) restored or in good shape
for restoration.
To get the car on the road before the summer I need to find something in the near future !
I would be more than glad if you can help a brother in need.
Do you have what I need or do you know someone else who does, or can you tell me where to look?
Member: Marti
(none as of 1-16-2016)
Ignition Swstem
Request: Who do we know deals with repairs of Ignition Switch/ key Cylinders. I do not have a key for my
1928 Pontiac Ignition, Hoping I can have one made or find a part to fit the one I have. Hoping to deal with
someone local. Any help somebody could give me will be appreciated.
Member: Bruce Bunker
(1) I would try a local lock smith. There is one in downtown Lapeer. Lapeer Lock & Safe, 343 Pine
St., Lapeer, Mi. 48446 810-667-0024
Member: Wade Cleffman
(2) 'Scott Lock and Key' 3710 Elizabeth LK. Rd. Waterford Mi. 48328 George Taylor
Member: Jim Larson
(3) I had a key made for my 1927 Pontiac at the key shop on Nepessing St in downtown Lapeer.
You have to take the switch in to the shop for them to make it.
Member: Mike Woody
(4) I can recommend Aaron's Lock & Key on John R Road in Madison Heights for automotive
lock work. I've never used them for anything older than 1957, but I have had perfect results
from them, every time. Tel: 248-589-0330
Member: Joe Tonietto
(5) Try taking the ignition switch/key cylinder over to George Taylor at Scott's Lock & Key on
Elizabeth Lk Rd in Waterford. He was at the Dust off this past year and is planning to be there
again this year. The shop is west of Cass Lk Rd
Robert Pachett
Wheels - (Aluminum Drums)
Request: I need brakes on my 8 lug wheels.
Are there any options other than the two places which advertise
in Smoke Signals? Also has anyone used either of these places and would select one over the other? Thanks
Member: Tom Shubert
(1) I'm re-installing the 8-lug drums/wheels on my '63 GP!! So far in the past few months , I have located the
'correct' F&R '63 drums [which are long fin silver, two are NOS] from a car guy in White Lake, 5-steel
wheels [locally] that I painted silver, new 225/70-14 BFG tires, 5- '63 [only] SS center caps refinished
locally [Gordon Duda Rochester Hills], new re-pro '63/'68 trim rings from Ames [the best price], 32 L&R
thread chrome lug nuts, at $1 each [from local Warehouse tire store, Oakland Ave]. Not $6 each from the
I still have to get new front bearings/seals and plain organic style brake shoes [from local Mazza's auto parts].
Articles state to 'only use the tan/lt. gray colored shoes' NOT semi-metallic.
It's not a cheap project to do! But, I do 'have some friends in the right places'. Helping me out in
locating/purchasing the 'correct' parts needed. I'll always 'look for/use the local parts supplier/service' FIRST!
Parts are best to see 'in hand' plus better for any return 'core' charges re; brake shoes, than mailing?? Plus, some
new parts are available from different sources, meaning you do have a choice. I found that Ames Pontiac parts
supplier is 30%-40% CHEAPER than OPG parts, for the same part[s]. If a person is thinking of adding 8-lugs
on their car, do some re-search? As there are a few different style/year center caps and aluminum drums re;
1960-62 short fin silver, '63 long fin silver, '64 long fin black and starting '65-'68 long fin black, but the drums
are wider, also meaning these can't be used on earlier year cars [with out changing the backing plates?]In the
coming spring I'm having my good friend and local mechanic Rich Leitner, who is also a Widetracker member
to do the change over. I do have more info to add, just e-mail me. I'll be glad to assist you with what I have
Member: Jim Larson
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Member: Jim Larson & Chuck Humphrey
(2) If a person needs advice about a vehicle, than he/she must give a detailed description of
said vehicle. In relation to the Pontiac full sized 8-lug Kelsey Hayes brake drums, there
are some differences between them throughout the manufacturing period, (19601968).Most of the brake shoes and hardware are stock fare at most local DIY auto parts
stores….for instance at O’Reilleys: 1962 shoes are: frt #264 and are $16/ set, rear #228
are $28/ set…etc.. Same shoes are used on both stock cast iron and aluminum 8-lug
Member: Rich Gabriel~