PARTITIVES 1.Specific items or amounts: a bar of chocolate/soap,a

1.Specific items or amounts:
a bar of chocolate/soap,a block of cement,a book of matches/stamps,a cake of soap,a
cloud of dust,a flash of lightning,a head of hair,an item of news,a jet of water,a loaf of
bread,a peal of thunder,a pile of earth,a portion of food, a roll of paper,a slice of
a barrel of beer,a basket of fruit,a a bottle of milk,a can of beer, a carton of
cigarettes/milk,a flask of tea,a glass of water,a jug of water, a mug of cocoa,a tin of
soup,a vase of flowers.
3.Small quantities:
a blade of grass,a breath of air,a crust of bread,a dash of soda,a grain of rice,a lock of
hair,a pat of butter,a scrap of paper.
a gallon of petrol,a lenth of cloth,a litre of oil,an ounce of gold,a pint of milk,a pound of
coffee,a spoonful of medicine,a yard of cloth.
a game of billiards,bridge,cards,chess,cricket,darts,squash,tennis...
a bit of advice,a branch of knowledge,a fit of anger/jelousy,a piece of research,a spot of
7.Brands or types:
a brand of soap,a kind of biscuit,a species of insect,a variety of pasta.
a pair of
A.a band of soldiers,a bouquet of flowers,a bunch of grapes,a circle of friends,a clump of
trees,a collection of coins,a colony of ants,a crew of sailors,a crowd of people,a deck of
cards,a drove of cattle,a fleet of sheep,a gang of thieves, a group of people,a herd of
cattle,a hive of bees,a horde of children,a mass of people,a mob of hooligans,a pack of
cards,a panel of experts,a party of visitors,a plague of locusts,a school of fish,a set of
teeth,a shelf of books,a string of pearls,a gang of thieves,a pack of wolves,a pod of
B.a stack of wood,a bund of flowers,a swarm of flies,a flock of sheep,a cluster of stars,a
crash of thunder,a heap of corn,a piece of luggage,a spell of weather,a piece of music,a
piec of information,a bar of soap,a lump of sugar,a piece of business,a thrill of
excitement.a fit of shivering.