World Mythology Syllabus J. Alsup Room: F120 Phone: 5825901 ext

World Mythology Syllabus J. Alsup Room: F120 Phone: 582­5901 ext. 3109 Email: [email protected] Course Philosophy (from Rosenberg): Myths, which span all of recorded history in one form or another, are symbols and pictures of the human experience and the values of various people groups and cultures from around the world. While these cultures are worlds apart from our own, myth fundamental connects, and paradoxically separates, us from one another. In exploring stories from around the world we will necessarily begin to understand ourselves all the more. Course Description: World Mythology will explore major cultural myths and epics from around the world through the exploration of mythologies from the Middle East, Greece and Rome, the Far East and the Pacific Islands, the British Isles, Northern Europe, Africa, the Americas, and many other times and places. These many mythologies will be analyzed both academically and as entertainment. This will be accomplished using multiple methods of textual analysis. Course Objectives: By the end of the course the student will be able to: ●
Articulate, in writing, key mythologies from seven different geographical areas. Make connections between the text, society as a whole, and his/her personal experience. Consistently apply and evaluate various modes of textual analysis to explore the literary richness these myths have to offer. ●
Identify and apply knowledge of key literary elements as they are presented through various genres and in student writing. ●
Articulate what it means to be human and the fundamental qualities that unite and separate different cultures from different periods in recorded history. Texts: World Mythology: An Anthology of the Great Myths and Epics, 3rd Ed. Donna Rosenberg Required Materials: Students are expected to bring paper and a writing utensil to class each day. Additionally, students will need to bring a three­ring binder or two­pocket folder and a composition book. Of course, each student will need to bring the appropriate reading material for that day. Grading Policy: The vast majority (over 95%) of student grades are based on accuracy, not participation. The instructor reserves the right to return assignments that are deemed to be unsatisfactory in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or content. If returned, the student will correct the problem(s) in the assignment and return it for credit. The instructor reserves the right to assign academic tutoring for incomplete or missing assignments. Classroom Discipline: Students are expected to behave as adults (adults that treat each other with respect). If a student deviates from this norm he is subjecting himself to disciplinary actions detailed in the student handbook. (See student notes from the first week of school.) Tardy Policy: Timely classroom attendance is a crucial element of a productive learning environment. You will be counted tardy if you are not seated and prepared to work when the bell rings. Refer to the student handbook concerning the consequences of excessive late attendance. Plagiarism Policy: Plagiarism is self­defeating and will not be tolerated. Any student caught cheating on any and all assigned work will receive an automatic zero for that particular assignment. This includes both copying another student’s work as well as allowing someone to copy your work. Absences: If you are present when an assignment is made but absent on the day it is due, you must turn in the work the day you return to class. If you are present when an assignment is made but absent in the interim period between the date the assignment is given and the date it is due, it should be turned in as scheduled. If you are absent the day an assignment is made, you will need to check with a classmate or visit my Google classroom web page (forthcoming) for assignment details. __________________________________________________________________________________ WM: This must be returned within one week of the first day of class. Please go over this syllabus with your parents or guardians. Sign your name and have a parent or guardian sign below. Return this to me for your first class assignment. Value: 25 points Student’s Signature: _______________________ Parent/Guardian’s Signature: _______________________ Date: _______________________