You're steps away from registering at Concordia's Faculty

You’re steps away
from registering for
classes in Concordia’s
Faculty of Engineering
and Computer Science!
Step 1: Before you start the registration process, be sure to review your decision letter and check for any deficiencies.
**You are required to register for the deficiencies before your program courses.
Step2: Look at your program sequences by visiting the official website
of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at
Click on the “Current students” tab 
Then click on “Undergraduate Program Requirements.”
You should now be at
Finally, click on “Course Sequences”  then choose your Program of Study from the drop-down list.
NB: All Engineering & Computer Science programs follow a set sequence of courses. Please make sure to follow this sequence as
outlined by your program of study!
**Deficiencies will not be listed in the course sequence as they must be completed
before you register to your program courses.
It’s a good idea to take a look at the Undergraduate Program Calendar to review the program structure.
You can find it at
**N.B. If you are required to
complete Social Sciences
(SOSC) or Humanities
(HUMA) courses, please look
at the “Complementary
Courses” sub-section, under
the BEng. category, located at
71.20.6 within this PDF
Step3: Review the Class Schedule to find out when, where, and by whom the courses are given.
Visit the Concordia University website and click on‐students
Then, click on “Class Schedules” under Popular Links.
This will take you to
– once you are on this page, select Session, Course Level, Faculty, Department, Course Name
and then click on show schedule “by Department” or “by Course”
**N.B. Be sure to select the
correct Term and Year in the
“Select Session” box!
**NB: To register for MATH/PHYS/CHEM SOCS & HUMA courses, you must select “Arts and Science” from the drop-down menu under “step 2.”
NB: this page is just an example!
Make sure to select the right
department for your courses.
**Please make sure
you write down the
course information.
You will need this
later on!
Step 4: Register to your courses via the Concordia Portal
Visit the Concordia University website at
and then click “MyConcordia Portal” under Popular Links.
You are now at
Here, you can sign in using your Netname and Password
**If you do not have your Concordia Netname and Password
just yet, you can easily activate it! (see the next page for
Sign in
To activate your new Netname and Password, click on the link in the middle of the pop-up
screen. You’ll be taken to the Concordia NetName service page.
You are now at
Enter the required
information for a Student
Once you have successfully logged in, click on “Registration” then on “Undergraduate Registration” and then on “Continue”
Now, click on “Add A Course.”
Finally enter the course name, course number, session, and course section you noted earlier. Then, click on “Submit.”
Click on Add  the system will ask you to confirm your choice. Just click on “Confirm Selection.”
Great! You’ve succeeded in adding your courses to your Concordia record!
your Concordia record!
Step 5: Review the terms dates and deadlines by clicking on “Undergraduate Class Schedule” within the MyConcordia Portal:
Then, click on “Term Dates & Deadlines” in the Registration Information section of the Class Schedule:
(this page can be found at
Before you finish, be sure to check your Tuition Fees and Deadlines.
Within the MyConcordia Portal, click on “Financial” and then “Student’s Account”
**N.B.: The University does not mail bills. **N
B : The University does not mail bills
You must pay your tuition fees on time!
Problem registering or course sequence conflicts?
Please contact the Registration Helpline by email: [email protected]
or by phone at 514‐848‐2424, ext 3055 or 3254
b h
t 514 848 2424 t 3055 3254