Testimonial for Central Coast Manufacturing Connect (CCMC)

Testimonial for Central Coast Manufacturing Connect (CCMC)
BAC Australia challenges local manufacturing companies to be involved and reap the benefits.
Vicki Davidson from BAC Australia has brought money to the "bottom line" by being an active member of
Central Coast Manufacturing Connect
Below is a "snapshot" of their successes
• Enterprise Connect Business Review
Opportunity arose at a Central Coast Networking event at Borg industries. BAC Australia saw a great
opportunity to have a free Business Review. This was conducted in 2010. This Review has resulted in
BAC Australia being able to "tap" into government grants, not once but twice.
• Federal Government Grant
First grant of $20,000 enabled the development of BAC's Australian website, along with Lean consultancy.
• Federal Government Grant
Second $20,000 grant from the Federal government, is in the form of the Continuous Improvement
Program (CIP)
• Promotional DVD
Through networking with CCMC members, BAC Australia became aware of the Youth Employment
initiative known as Green Central at Kariong.
When the need arose for a Promotional DVD, the company within Green Central known as YC Media was
BAC's first consideration.
Students training with Margaret Meehan YC Media Senior Producer, were able to learn first hand what is
involved when working with a Corporate business. We are proud to say we were their first "Corporate
Customer". To see their work visit http://vimeo.com/40793060
• School based Trainee
At a CCMC board meeting, the comment was made that students from the local high schools, were
requesting local manufacturing companies to engage a student, where they could gain "hands on" work
experience. This idea was taken back to management at BAC Australia. Within a couple of months, a Year
11 student from St Edwards College, was employed under the School Based Traineeship, where this
student will learn skills that will enhance his work opportunities when he leaves school.
• Integrated Learning Student from Newcastle University- Ourimbah Campus.
An opportunity arose, in 2011, when a comment from a NSW Business Chamber representative, made the
comment at a CCMC event, that students undertaking studies at university, were available to work on a
project for a company during the semester. The project undertaken would be within their chosen field of
Freight Logistics Event- Saved approximately $30k a year on the initial first round of
investigation/changes, and this is only the beginning. When time permits the 2nd round of investigations
will take place.
BAC working with Sulo local manufacturing company, - their savings by using our cooling towers were:
$30,000 per year and 70% of water
Sustainability Advantage Program- BAC has put their hand up to undertake this Federal Government
initiative through Office Environment and Heritage (OEH), after attending CCMC events at Open Shutters
and Becker Underwood, to learn of their successes with Sustainability.
This program involves working with a facilitator, and consultants, who assist BAC Australia to work through
modules related to Sustainability.Vision, Commitment and Planning, Resource Efficiency, Environmental
Risk and Responsibility are examples of the type of areas covered in this program. Recognition is through
levels being Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our commitment is to reach platinum in 3 years.
In 2013, BAC Australia is committed to undertaking the Carbon Management module, which will enable
them to apply for the Silver status.
BAC Australia through working on Sustainability and Environmental Practice in the past 12 months
has been recognized for its efforts by winning the following awards.
1. Winner of the Hunter Manufacturing Award for Environmental Practice 2012
2. Winner of the Central Coast Business Excellence Award for Sustainability 2012
3. Finalist of the Central Coast Business Excellence Award for Manufacturer of the Year 2012
4. Finalist of the NSW Business Excellence Award for Sustainability 2012.
5. Bronze member of the Sustainability Advantage Program