Energy Vocabulary Quiz

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Energy Test (SOL 3.11)
1. The primary source of energy for the earth
6. Wind is a resource that is ____________.
a. expensive
a. the wind
b. renewable
b. water
c. nonrenewable
c. the sun
d. found in a mine
d. batteries
2. An energy source that can NOT be
replaced is known as:
7. Fuel is any material that we can use for
a. eating
a. a renewable resource
b. building
b. a non-renewable resource
c. energy
d. fossils
3. Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel:
a. coal
b. wood
8. Where do fossil fuels come from?
c. oil
a. remains of dead plants and animals
after many years
d. gas
b. the wind when it blows strong
c. a house
d. the sun in summer
4. To produce heat and electricity we can
burn ______.
a. water
b. wind
9. A natural resource that we burn as fuel
would be:
c. fossil fuels
a. electricity
d. the sun
b. the sun
c. light
d. wood
5. ________energy comes from converting
the sun’s rays to electricity.
a. solar
b. nuclear
c. heat
d. wind
10. Which is a non-renewable resource?
a. sun
b. wind
c. coal
d. water
11. Solar energy is collected ________
16. Which of the following would absorb more
sunlight and become warmer faster?
a. in a bucket
a. a green shirt
b. using cells on large panels
b. a black shirt
c. in a bank
c. a white shirt
d. by a windmill
d. a yellow shirt
12. Where does the energy that drives the
water cycle come from?
17. Which of the following helps to make sure
that there will be enough moving water to
generate electricity?
a. The sun
a. build a water wheel
b. The moon
b. add fish to the river
c. The planets
c. pick up the trash in the river
d. The wind
d. build a dam
13. Why should we conserve fossil fuels?
For each of the following energy sources,
write one advantage (good thing) and one
disadvantage (bad thing).
a. They can only be found in the ocean
b. We can run out of them
c. They are renewable
d. We can make more of them
14. Which resource can never be used up?
Advantage: ____________________________
Disadvantage: _________________________
a. Water
Advantage: ____________________________
b. Coal
Disadvantage: _________________________
c. Oil
d. Gas
Advantage: ____________________________
15. Which of the following is NOT a natural
a. wood
b. soil
c. plastic
d. air
Disadvantage: _________________________
1. What is nuclear energy created from?
2. What is the thing that spins when moving
water or wind hits it? ____________________