CISA 1301-801: Assignment #2 If you can sit down and study how

CISA 1301-801: Assignment #2
If you can sit down and study how much technology has changed in the past 20
years, you realize that the role of technology in education has been the most important.
In my opinion, technology will drastically change the very way that instructors will
practice their teachings to students. I have noticed that many teachers fill their student’s
brains with useful information, hoping that they will just spit it back to them, making it
look as if the students have learned the information. Yet with new technologies, such as
the Internet, students have been able to view different aspects of information that their
teacher has taught them, thus learning an even greater deal about their desired study.
Due to new forms of communication formed by electronic devices, such as
televisions, computers, radios, etc., students now have different areas to gather
information. Take schools for example, over the past few years, schools all over America
are now placing personal computers inside classrooms, giving students an even greater
advantage to accessing useful information. Even now in college classrooms, students are
able to walk into computer laboratories and have access to unlimited amounts of
information. In the near future, I think that people become completely dependant on
personal computers and their abilities to provide ease on their users.
Another advancement in technology for men and women with physical disabilities
has shocked many others. People, who were presently deaf, now have the ability to
purchase a certain type hearing aid, which allows them to hear through soundwaves given
off by the person speaking. Another great example is, now blind people can personally
become mobile, and depend on themselves even more. In my opinion, I think the greatest
advancement has been the computer era. At first, computers were rather large, room
sized, machines that were only used by licensed professionals. In today’s standards, any
nine year-old with a personal computer now has the ability to practically do anything
from making reservations at a hotel across the world, to buying food online.
I have also noticed how advanced many interaction software has developed from
blotchy, little blocks to actual men acting as the character. Another great factor is the
high-speed that a personal computer needs just to run a simple video game. I find that
remarkable how many of the newer military games have the ability to recognize your
voice, and then relay that to the men in the game. I think that alone has broken a strong
barrier in the technology advancement department. I am curious to see how that will
change the very way that people live. If a person can actually tell his or her car door to
open at this point in time, imagine how technology can change in the next 10 years, or
maybe even in the next 20 years.
I plan to major in computer information while I attend this university, and I feel
that I should pay more attention to how technology will change in the near future. The
advancement of software development alone, will greatly affect my life, because of the
fact that I will hopefully be creating them for a rather large company in the distant future.
I hope to be able to help others because of the importance of my major in many large
businesses throughout the United States. Even in the near future, I predict that people all
over the world will dramatically make the lives of every person in the world a lot easier,
especially with a personal computer. Because of this, I strongly believe that people will
eventually become completely dependent on personal computers.