Investigating Springs

International Baccalaureate Physics
Investigating Springs
In this IB Lab you will be assessed on the following IB criteria:Design, Data Collection and Processing and Conclusion and Evaluation
To investigate the interaction of springs with different spring constants, in series and parallel systems.
(Examples of different spring systems are shown in the diagrams below).
Two springs, one of spring stiffness X and one of spring stiffness Y. Any other apparatus that you can
think of to complete the investigation.
Spring X
Spring Y
System A
System B
System C
System D
Design a procedure that includes appropriate use of apparatus for the control, collection and analysis
of data. This procedure should include the following sections.
 Research question
 Plan for collection of data
 Variable list
 Plan for control of variable
 Hypothesis
 Diagram and suitable apparatus
Data Collection Processing and Presentation:
 Show the results for the experiment in a suitable table. Include uncertainties.
 Present all of your results in the form of suitable graphs
 Suggest relationships to help explain the systems analysed.
Conclusion and Evaluation:
 Evaluate the data that you have collected and analysed - compare your results to literature values.
 Evaluate your own plan, including any modifications you had to make to overcome problems.
Include an evaluation of the apparatus used.
 Suggest ways in which the procedure could be modified in order to improve it for the future.