Subunit Test Essay: Short Fiction, Section II (242-281)

Subunit Test Essay: Short Fiction, Section II (242-281)
Stories to Choose from:
“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker
“Gwilan’s Harp” by Ursula K. LeGuin
“The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Vincent Benet
“The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry
Choose one of the following lettered choices.
Use your textbook to document quotes.
Write a five-paragraph essay explaining your answer in a discussion wellsupported by direct reference to events in the stories.
Use the information in the cherry colored “How to Write a Literary
Analysis” paper to review essay construction. A general rubric is attached to
the back. Save this copy for future essays.
Follow all rules of good writing.
In addition to the three required quotes from the text, you must include
other examples to explain your themes.
Include a pre write and clearly edited rough draft.
Mention the author and title in your discussion.
Use the MLA Style Guide to set up your paper heading, pages, and citations.
Type your final draft.
Check the rubric for grading criteria for this assignment. It is on the back
of this page.
Choose one topic from the following:
A. Explain what a theme is. Choose three stories, and explain the theme
of each. Refer to characters and events from the stories, citing page
numbers as directed in the MLA sheet.
B. What is identity? Choose a story that relies on identity, and explain
three ways in which it does so. Be specific to characters and
C. Give three literary devices from the yellow packet, and choose a
different story to illustrate each of your selected terms. Be specific
to story detail to show how each term works to enhance the writer’s
aim in each story.
Due Date: Friday, March 11
Essay Revision Directions
 1. You have the opportunity to revise your essay and improve your
 2. To receive more points on your Fiction Essay grade, you must do the
 3. Make the corrections indicated on your original graded paper and
 4. Submit all copies, as well as this rubric.
 5. Include your pre write, rough draft, blue rubric, and original graded
 6. Staple this rubric to the top, followed by your newly typed essay,
and all previous writing, as described in #5.
 7. Fill out the revision rubric heading completely.
______ Organization and Focus – The paper is well-structured, containing an introduction,
three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The paper maintains a focus on the topic
provided above. The supporting evidence in the paper supports the argument set forward
in the thesis statement. A pre write and clearly edited rough draft has been submitted
along with the polished copy. (30 points)
_____ Thesis Statement – The thesis statement is clear and properly located. (10 points)
_____ Formatting – The paper uses the proper MLA format. (10 points)
_____ Support and Evidence – The topic is fully explained and supporting evidence is
sufficient and accurate. The author properly uses and cites quotes from the book. (20
_____ Grammar – The paper is correct grammatically and mechanically. (15 points)
_____ Point of View – The paper is written in third person and maintains that point of
view throughout. (15 points)
______Total Points