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Job Description for Suzanne Bull MBE - evenings
It is the job of the personal assistant to enable me, a disabled
person, to carry out personal, domestic, educational and social
activities, both at home and in the community.
My personal care assistant should be able to handle the physical
tasks of hoisting, handling, pushing and bending. You do not need
to be physically strong to carry out the job well and training will be
provided. However good health is important.
The main tasks: 1. Accessing my manual wheelchair in and out of the car
2. Preparing and cooking meals for me.
3. Personal care assistance (including washing, dressing and
personal toileting needs) and depending on how I feel, assistance
with transferring from bed
4. Domestic needs include cooking, shopping, carrying, general
house keeping tasks (laundry, ironing, hovering, gardening, DIY)
5. Support at meetings, pushing wheelchair outside the home
environment (sometimes I use electric chair), assistance with
general cleaning and simple maintenance of equipment under my
6. Support when outside my home environment is required.
7. Your usual hours of work will be 8 hours per week:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 6 – 8pm
On occasions, you will be required to cover the other Personal
Assistants’ sick leave (at short notice) or annual leave. This is shared
between all my Personal Assistants.
8. Typing (on the computer) and administration, under my direction,
when required.
9. Other tasks as required.
As my personal assistant you will have the following general
Arrive at the agreed time ready to work
If you're going to be late or can't come you must give me as much
notice as possible
Discuss any problems with me as soon as possible so we can resolve
them before they become a major issue
Be as open as you can in your dealings with me
Respect my privacy and treat everything you see here and do as
Understand the importance of preserving my dignity and
Respect that we have a professional working relationship
Do not question or undermine my decisions
Respect my possessions and equipment and the use them or me with
my prior consent
Respect my relationships with my family friends and visitors and
understand that you only join in at my invitation
Person specification:
This section underlines additional responsibilities which are my
expectations of you as my personal care assistant. I would expect
that you would:
Be a good timekeeper
Be willing to work under my direction
Be flexible in your approach
Not smoke in my presence
Not drink alcohol while working for me
Be a driver with a clean driving licence
Have good health
Be a reliable and trustworthy person
Be able to accept responsibility and work on your own when
Commit yourself to giving me at least one month’s notice before
leaving the job except in extreme circumstances
No particular experience is required as training is given on the job,
and you will be required to complete a “Moving and Handling”
course, but you must be committed to helping a disabled person to
live an independent life and be willing to learn how to do a job under
my direction.