Computers and Internet

Marko Surkos
I was thinking hours and hours what thing to write about, which changed the world but
could not find a good topic, and then after staring at my monitor I realized that a
computer is the most popular technical achievement in man’s history.
The history of computers starts actually in 1920’s when lot of people were trying to make
some kind of machines that would decrease the amount of time we use for work, and improve
our living and of course the dream came true. Today computers are all over the world,
everywhere where we look, and in my opinion the discovery of these types of machines is the
most exhilarating, incredible, thrilling thing that could happen to people. If I was to write
about the deep history of every type of computer and every piece of hardware of which it is
made of, I’ll be sitting next to my computer writing this essay the whole month. But I think
the history isn’t important at all because computers are the future, their importance isn’t
revealed yet, but it will be soon
We know that computers have already revolutionized the way how we live and work. They
help us work faster and more effectively. Computers, which we use at school, home and in
office, are PCs. PC means Personal Computers and their speed is much higher than for
example super science computers in 1980's. On PC we can write text, paint pictures, play
games and of course other different activities. Today everyone works with computers; it's
a normal thing like brushing your teeth.
The next thing I want to write about is - internet. Internet is I can say the youngest brilliant
achievement in the computer area. It is connected with computers, because without a pc you
cannot have access to internet. So what internet actually is? It is a type of a web, which
connects all the computers in the world to one big so called “computer“. So with a computer
that has access to internet you can do amazing stuff. Now a days lot of companies are working
through internet, and lot of people I mean ordinary people also work through internet, so that
means in the future people will not go to work because they don’t need to, they will be
working at home through internet, but of course internet has many other functions that we
can’t even imagine of.
I hope that computers will make the world better for ever.