Geology Activities
Select from the activities below. Each category of activities has a different point value. You must complete activities that add up to at least150 points.
Extra points, difficulty of projects chosen and quality of projects will all be considered in your final grade. Your activities are due on
Monday, February 25, 2008. All drawings must be in color. If you type something, it must be single spaced, 12 font, in Times New Roman font.
A = 30
B = 40
C = 50
1. Make a comic strip that shows the 1. Write a rap song about igneous, 1. Interview 3 family members that were born
relationship between rocks, crystals, and
metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It
in 3 different states or countries. Where
minerals (6-8 panels).
must include at least 2 facts about each
were they born? What kind of rock is
2. List at least 10 examples of each type of
type of rock.
found at that location (you may have to
rock: igneous, metamorphic, and 2. Create a crossword puzzle or word search
do some research to determine this)?
using at least 15 geology-related words.
You must have at least 1 paragraph for
3. Create an experiment that would test if an
each person interviewed.
All words for the crossword and word
unknown rock was igneous, metamorphic,
search must be answers to clues or 2. Create a superhero that ensures scientists
or sedimentary. Write a hypothesis in
questions. You must also provide an
only perform controlled experiments
answer key.
and follow the inquiry process. Draw a
the correct format.
Identify the
picture of your superhero and write a
manipulated and responding variables 3. Choose one type of rock. Have your rock
write a letter to his cousin that lives in a
story about how your superhero has
in addition to the tests you would
different landform.
The letter must
helped scientists with the inquiry process.
perform on the rock.
(1 page story plus the drawing).
describe your rock’s movement through
the rock cycle (1/2 page).
D = 60
E = 70
F = 80
1. Research one birthstone. Write one-page 1. Write a script for a play about a geologist 1. Create a newspaper that specializes in
about how the birthstone was assigned to
who discovers fossils and shares it with a
Earth Science including the rock cycle,
that month, how it got its name, and if that
palaeontologist. Include cast, stage
volcanology, and seismology (At least 3
month was assigned a different birthstone
directions, settings, character descriptions,
stories and 2 ads). Must be in color.
at a different time in history.
and narration.
2. Research the career of a geologist and
2. Choose 5 different cities from around the 2. Describe what the world would look like
explain the affects of erosion and
world and write down where sand is in
without erosion and deposition. Your
deposition. (1 page, 2 sources with
each city and where soil is in each city.
essay must be at least one page long and
bibliography ).
describe at least 3 differences at length.
3. Create a game about the rock cycle
3. Find an article from the newspaper and
including all of its forces. Must include
write about how it relates to the study of
all necessary materials and instructions.
geology. (1 page).