EM&I Senior Program Manager Wins First Place for ASMC`s Annual

EM&I Senior Program Manager Wins First Place for ASMC’s Annual Essay Contest
Fall 2003
Chuck Marsh’s essay, entitled “What is the Role of Change Management in the Military Financial
Management Community?”, won First Place prize for the American Society of Military
Comptroller’s (ASMC) annual essay content in the Fall of 2003.
Mr. Marsh is a Certified Government Financial Manager whose experience includes over thirty- five
years of government financial management experience in progressively increasing supervisory
positions. More than fifteen years of demonstrated experience in implementation of information
engineering projects. Hands on management of comptroller, finance accounting, budgeting, and
computer operations functions. Volunteer Vice Chairman of the Board of a $72 million credit union
lauded as leading edge in strategic planning. At EM&I, Chuck currently provides program management
and program control support to the new Business Transformation Agency (BTA) and the Office of the
Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Business Management Modernization Program.
Essay Abstract: What hasn't changed in the military financial management community in the last
10 years? Who is giving guarantees that our environment won't change even more in the next
3,5,7 or 10 years, or perhaps even more than once? More importantly, how have we survived
past changes? What will it take to survive future changes? The seemingly ageless stability of the
military financial management community has been significantly shaken during the last decade;
today, many community members approach the future with apprehension.
Read the Essay: http://www.em-i.com/readingRoom/advisory/CM_Change_Management_Fall03.pdf
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