Graduate Programs in Developmental & Adult Education

Graduate Program inAdult Education
Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology
Texas State University – San Marcos
Application for Departmental Admission
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Work Phone: _____________________
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I am applying to begin in:
College Attended
Date Degree
Professional Experiences
Areas of Professional Interest (Check all that apply)
Programs providing education and training for adults in:
_____Adult literacy/ ESL program
_____College and universities
Job Title
_____Government agencies
_____Community-based organizations and agencies
_____Public schools
_____Business and industry
_____Hospitals and community health facilities
_____Religious organizations
_____Armed services
_____Correctional facilities
Writing Sample
Discuss a major issue currently confronting adult education. You are strongly
encouraged to draw on your own experiences in education in writing this essay.
Please detail your own position on the subject and limit your response to 1000
Signature of Applicant
Master Of Arts In Adult Education
The M. A. in Adult Education is a 39-hour program*, with thesis or non-thesis options,
which provides the expertise and experience to develop and lead adult education
programs in many educational settings such as community-based literacy and ESL
programs, colleges and university programs for adult learners, corporate settings, non-profit
agencies, and government organizations.
Core coursework emphasizes adult learning and development; program development and
leadership; research methodology; teaching adults; and multicultural perspectives in
postsecondary and adult education. A supervised internship practicum is also required.
Additional coursework depends on which professional track the student selects. Students who
choose the thesis route must write and defend a master’s thesis on a developmental or adult
education topic. Graduate faculty will guide and supervise the thesis project.
Three concentrations are available:
Adult ESL
Continuing and Community Education
Workplace Learning
See the program web site at for additional information about
program requirements, faculty, and financial support.
* 42 hours if thesis option is elected with Adult ESL concentration.
Checklist for Admission to M. A. Program in Adult Education*
_____1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited postsecondary institution.
_____2. Completed application form filed with the ADED graduate advisor.
_____3. Writing sample as specified on this application.
_____4. Three letters of reference from individuals with knowledge of the candidate as a student
or as a professional.
_____5. Official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work submitted to the
Graduate College, J. C. Kellam building, Room 280, 601 University Dr., San Marcos,
TX 78666 (512-245-2581)
_____6. Interview with ADED graduate advisor. (currently Jovita Ross-Gordon)
_____7. Application for admission to the Graduate School at Texas State University-San
Marcos available at
Note: All written materials must be submitted directly to the Graduate College. Reference letters
should preferably be on letterhead, and submitted in an envelope signed on the flap. This
application, your writing sample, and references can also be submitted electronically at Note that to submit reference letters electronically
the person submitting the reference will need to know your birth date and the name of the
program you are applying to.
Dr. Jovita Ross-Gordon, Coordinator, Adult Education M.A. Programs, CLAS DEPT, Texas
State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, TX 78666 – 4616, 512-245-8084,
[email protected]