The Twenties 1919 – 1929--Essential Questions How did the United



The Twenties 1919 – 1929


Essential Questions

How did the United States experience both economic growth and social change in the decade after World War I? 2.





How did the automobile help change America? What was the impact of buying on credit and the new consumer culture? How was the Harding Administration filled with scandal and tragedy? What policies did President Coolidge favor to support economic growth? Are these policies relevant today? Why/why not? What foreign policy actions did the United States take to try to insure isolationism? Did these actions succeed? 7.


What explains the resurgence of the KKK in the 1920s? How did the Klan become more of an equal opportunity hate group? What was the impact of the 18 th Amendment (Prohibition)? Why do you think it failed as a national policy?


How did new technologies play a role in mass culture? (i.e., radio, movies, media, etc.) 10.

What kind of new roles did women assume in the 1920s? 11.

What was the Harlem Renaissance, and why was it important? Compare and contrast the experience African Americans had living in the North and South during the 1920’s. 12.

Why do you think some historians refer to writers in this time period as the “Lost Generation?” Why do you think these artists were more cynical about their world?