The Paleolithic Age vs. the Neolithic Age Name: Reading Critically


The Paleolithic Age vs. the Neolithic Age Reading Critically Name: ________________________________ Date: _____________ Period: ____________ Brief Definitions

 Paleolithic Age: The period from the earliest appearance of Homo sapiens to c. 7000 B.C.E., though exact dates vary by area; the Old Stone Age.  Neolithic Age: The period from c. 7000 B.C.E. to the development of metals by a given people.

Comparing & Contrasting:

Summarize similarities and differences in a Venn diagram

Paleolithic Age Both Neolithic Age Identifying Problems and Solutions:

Identify the problem or problems and the steps taken to solve them. Look for the effects of the solution.

Time Period Problems Solutions Outcomes

Paleolithic Age Neolithic Age

Writing Assignment:

On the back, choosing an imaginary figure from either the Paleolithic or Neolithic Age, and write a detailed autobiography explaining what his/her life is like. Use the information from the previous charts to give you the background material you need and be specific with the examples. You should use most, if not all, of the back of this sheet.