SHORT STORY: Take-Home Essay Questions: Collection 1 and


SHORT STORY: Essay Topics: Collection #1

DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following topics and design a well-constructed essay that reflects an appropriate thesis and development. Remember, any AP paper has direct citation that is substantive and qualitative in its content. Use MLA style. If you make mention of an author’s name/work prior to the quote, then simply cite the page (44). Do make sure you provide appropriate context and background information in your paper for the reader. most likely in either the first section (“syllabus and information”) or the “writing” section. Make sure you understand the connotation of the highlighted (Bold) words in each topic. They are in your binder, YOUR RESPONSE ANSWERS WILL BE EVALUATED ACCORDING TO: **quality of writing [sentence complexity and variety] **effective vocabulary and word choice **use of supporting examples & insight provided **writing mechanics 1.

*****Louise Erdrich’s “The Leap” is a story that addresses the virtue of courage. Describe how Erdrich conveys this virtue through the use of flashbacks and tone. 2.

"The Doll's House" by Katherine Mansfield is a story about values. Pick two characters and discuss what values they represent, giving examples of behaviors and attitudes that represent their values. 3.

Discuss Ray Bradbury's attitude toward technology in "The Pedestrian. 4.


*****Parts of Anton Checkov’s “The Bet” represent a philosophical treatise about diametrically-opposed beliefs. Using the lawyer’s letter as the primary resource, evaluate the lawyer’s decision to place the bet, and then break the bet. “The Lesson” is a story that teaches in its own unique way some principles and universal truths. Using Sylvia’s POV as a barometer for this, discuss the lesson(s) that Sylvia learns from the other characters as well as her own thought process. #1 is a challenge question. #4 is an extraordinarily challenging question.