WWI Rewind Name: P:______ What were the 4 major factors of WWI

WWI Rewind
1. What were the 4 major factors of WWI?
Name: __________________________ P:________
2. Define Imperialism?
3. How did imperialism become a problem during the 1800’s?
4. Define Militarism?
5. What came along with militarism?
6. Define Nationalism?
7. What did nationalism cause?
8. Define Alliance?
9. 3x Alliance=
10. 3x Entente=
11. How did most people feel about Alliances?
12. In reality what did alliances cause?
13. Who was Kaiser Wilhelm?
14. Why was archduke Franz Ferdinand important?
15. Who was Czar Nicholas II?
16. How did WWI start after the Assassination?
17. How does Kaiser Wilhelm II try and stop the outbreak of war:
18. How does the Kaiser show his support for Austria?
19. What countries made up the Central Powers:
20. What other countries joined the Central powers:
21. Why did Italy not support Germany and A-H:
22. What countries made up the Allied powers:
23. Name some of the other Countries that joined the Allies:
24. At the beginning of WWI how did people feel about the war?
25. Describe the length of WWI:
26. How long did some think the war would last:
27. What were the original names of WWI: