International Workshop on Bamboo for Sustainable Development

International workshop on Bamboo for Economic Development
Bamboo and rattan Society of Nepal along with Department of Forest Research and
Survey (DFRS) government of Nepal, INBAR and GTZ/PSP-Nepal is organizing an
International workshop on "Bamboo for Economic Development" in Kathmandu, Nepal
from 10th to 12 March 2007. Save the Children / US, ICIMOD, NSCFP/SDC are the coorganizers of the event. Details are also available on INBAR web site:
The objective of the proposed workshop on the topic “Bamboo for Sustainable
Development” is to review the over all development of the bamboo sector and to build
the regional strategy and alliance for wider scope.
To introduce all the bamboo stakeholders in one platform
To review the development of bamboo sector in South Asia especially in Nepali
To develop strategy and alliance for the wider development of bamboo sector in
South Asia and in Nepal
To create awareness among people about bamboo and its importance both in
regional as we as national level.
To draft baseline national strategy.
Expected outputs:
The workshop comes with the following expected outcomes:
 All the bamboo stakeholders gathered in one platform including the government
of Nepal.
 The regional and national development of bamboo sub sector reviewed.
 National alliance in Bamboo sub sector formed.
 National issues on bamboo and framework for the bamboo national policy
 Baseline national strategy formed and handed over to the Ministry of Forest and
Soil Conservation Nepal.
 Future South Asian regional strategy and alliance developed for the wider
development of the bamboo sector.
Proposed Duration of the Workshop: Three days
Venue and time:
April 10-12, 2007, Kathmandu, Nepal
Call for papers (Themes)
There will be presentations based on the following Themes.
Bamboo in employment generation and poverty reduction
Bamboo product and market development
Bamboo as a renewable energy source
Bamboo and value chain development
Bamboo for environment, water and soil conservation
National policy(ies) on Bamboo sector development
Submission of papers
 Mr. Ujjwal Raj Pokhrel (, Advisor, Sub sector
promotion, GTZ/PSP – RUFIN, Nepal.
 Mr. Shyam Poudyal (,Senior Programme Officer, International
Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), Beijing, PR China or
 Dr. Annapurna Nand Das ( ), Under Secretary,
Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Department of Forest Research and
Survey or
 Mr. Vijay Prasad Kesari (, President, Bamboo and
Rattan Society Nepal or
Languages: English
Registration fees, Accommodation, Food and Travel:
Registration fee - None
The entire travel expenses (international/national) to/from Kathmandu City, Nepal covered by the participants.
Local transportation for seminar proposes – covered by the organizers.
Accommodation, food and travel (April 10-12, 2007) - covered by the organizers
For Details Contact:
Mr. Vijay Prasad Kesari
President, Bamboo and Rattan Society-Nepal