Research Paper Outline

CSIT58 Research Paper Outline
(Fill in the blanks, add more levels as needed):
I. Introduction
A. Conclusion: Online Gambling is Impossible to Stop
B. Background Information.
1. Definition of Online Gambling
2. Growth of Online Gambling
3. Legality of Online Gambling
II. Body
A. Reason #1: People will not stop gambling
1. Entertainment
2. Addiction
a. Examples of individuals addicted to online gambling
b. Effects on family, friends, life
B. Reason #2: Online Casinos are difficult to regulate
1. Companies in foreign countries
2. Internet access is not restricted
3. Transactions hidden
C. Reason #3: Gambling online is easy
1. Do not have to travel to a casino
2. Do not have to dress
3. Use a credit card
III. Summary. When you write your paper, you will review how the information you presented in
the body of the paper supports your conclusion in a single paragraph. You don’t have to write
anything now.
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