Wellness Resources for Support Groups

Reading suggestions for Mental health month
A Beautiful Mind - Sylvia Nassar
A Brilliant Madness - Patty Duke
An Unquiet Mind - Kay R. Jamison
Anne Sexton: A Biography - Diane Middlebrook
Commonsense Rebellion - Bruce Levine
Darkness Visible - William Styron
Depression Free, Naturally - Joan Matthews Larson
Detour: my bipolar road trip in 4-D - Lizzie Simon
Electroboy - Andy Behrman
Finding my balance: a memoir - Mariel Hemingway
His Bright Light (the story of Nick Traina) - Danielle Steele
I'm not crazy - Frances Deitrick
In every pew sits a broken heart - Ruth Graham
Just like someone without mental illness only more so: a memoir - Mark Vonnegut
Life Inside: a memoir - Mindy Lewis
Lincoln's melancholy - Joshua Shenk
Love in the Asylum - Lisa Carey
Mad in America - Robert Whitaker
Manage Your Fears, Manager Your Anger - Abraham A. Low
Moments of Being - Virginia Woolf
Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
Night falls fast - Kay R. Jamison
Nobody's Child - Marie Balter
On Being Ill - Virginia Woolf
On the Edge of Darkness - Kathy Cronkite
Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel
Some Kind of Miracle - Iris Rainer Dart
Skywriting: a life out of the blue - Jane Pauley
The Bell Jar: a novel - Sylvia Plath
The Best Awful: a novel - Carrie Fisher
The complete poems of Emily Dickinson - Emily Dickinson
The Depression Workbook - Mary Ellen Copeland
The disappearing girl - Lisa Machoian
The Mood Cure - Julia Ross
The poetical works of John Keats - John Keats
They say you're crazy - Paula J. Caplan
Touched with Fire - Kay Redfield Jamison
Vincent Van Gogh: portrait of an artist - Vincent van Gogh
Voice for the Mad: The Life of Dorothea Dix - David Gollaher