Vizzini_Be_More_Chill.doc - CI 616 Literature for Adolescents

Be More Chill (2004)
by Ned Vizzini
From the book jacket:
Jeremy Heere is your average high
school dork. Day after day, he stares at
beautiful Christine, the girl he can never
have, and dryly notes the small defeats
that come his way on his Humiliation
Sheets … until he gets a “squip.” A
supercomputer in pill form, the squip
communicates directly with your brain
to make you cool.
By instructing Jeremy on what to wear,
how to talk, and who to ignore, the
squip transforms Jeremy from a
complete geek to a member of the social
elite. Soon he is friends with his former
tormentors and has the attention of the
Hottest Girls in School.
But Jeremy discovers there is a dark
side to handing over control of your
life—and it can have disastrous
Read aloud Ch. 1 (pp. 3-5) and pp. 113-115 to “we’ll fix that.”