CL1550 Greek History and the City State


CL1550 Greek History and the City-State Lecture plan

1. Introduction to the Greek world 499-362 B.C. 2. Political organisation, civic duties, and public finance 3. Sources for Greek history. What do we know? How do we know? 4. Citizens, civic identity, and non citizens 5. Democracy in practice: the Athenian democracy in the fifth and fourth centuries 6. Sparta and other oligarchies 7. Greeks and non-Greeks: the Ionian Revolt and the Persian Wars. 8. The Delian League and the Athenian Empire 479-431 9. The Peloponnesian War 431-404/3 10. Oligarchy at Athens 11. Liberation betrayed. Sparta, Persia, the Korinthian War (395-386) and the King's Peace (386) 12. From Imperial Power to 'Little Sparta'. The rise and decline of Sparta 386-362 13. Farming, trade, and manufacturing 14. Greek families, gender and sexuality 15. Religion in the Greek world


1. The nature of the Athenian Empire 2. Moderates and Partisans: oligarchy at Athens 3. The Second Athenian Naval Confederacy 4. Public expenditure and private benefactors: financing the Athenian democracy 5. Slaves, metics, and citizens; gender and sexuality: a case study