Essay Question: Describe a significant experience, achievement

Essay Question: Describe a significant experience, achievement, risk you have
taken, or obstacle you have faced and its impact on you.
“Failure is success if we learn from it.” I thank god that I changed to a successful
person. I was able to make that change in my life. In seventh grade, I was the most
misbehaved seventh grade girls. Students and teachers would talk about me like I was
some kind of delinquent. I refused to do any of my work, I failed every single class, and
I knew I was going no where in life. I started to thank it was funny, but it was actually
really sad. I had to make a change in my life.
There was one incident when I cursed on my Spanish teacher, walked out of class,
and went to Time Out room. I was blind to the fact that my behavior was uncontrollable
for my seventh grade year. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. In seventh grade, I
was never in school. I missed a great amount of days and missed out on a great amount
of education.
Now it is the beginning of eighth grade and a lot of people can already tell that I
decided to make a change. I changed because I didn’t want to be the girl that was always
mean, disrespectful, and had no future. I made goals for myself to start being prepared
for class, refused to get a grade below an 80, do my homework everyday, and just simply
do the best that I can. I had to learn to not get upset when something didn’t go my way. I
had to learn to that if something was hard, to challenge myself to success.
I changed because I want to go somewhere in life. I want to do something for
myself like go to college and get a better education. I had to change because it was the
least I could go for my life. I had to realize that I could always do better. I am excited to
start a new path because in the future I can be the best that I can be. I can always think
about my past and tell people about my life and how being successful is a good thing.
Turning my life around makes me feel thankful and grateful for what I did in the
past because everything you do happens for a reason.