Study Guide Ch. 11/Civil War Battles

Study Guide
U.S. History Chapter 11
Mrs. Barraco
Who was the president of the North?
Who was the president of the South?
What states seceded?
What were the North’s advantages & strategies to winning the Civil War?
Why was the Union’s plan/strategy called the Anaconda Plan?
What were the South’s advantages & strategies to winning the Civil War?
What happened at Fort Sumter? (What did Lincoln do? What did Jefferson Davis do?
Describe the Battle of Bull Run?
Who was the commander of the Confederacy at the Battle of Bull Run? How did he get his
Describe General Ulysses S. Grant
Describe General George McClellan
Describe the mistakes of the Union army at The Battle of Shiloh.
Why was it important for each side to gain control of the other’s capital?
What happened when the North tried to take Richmond?
What happened when the South tried to take Antietam?
Why did Britain remain neutral? (List and explain 3 reasons)
On what date did President Lincoln issue Emancipation Proclamation?
What constitutional powers did President Lincoln use to end slavery?
How did the following people react to the Emancipation Proclamation?
Define conscription & both the North & South’s draft laws.
Describe the slave resistance in the Confederacy.
How did the war affect the North’s economies?
How did the war affect the South’s economies?
What were the lives of the soldiers like?
Who won the three day battle at Gettysburg?
How did the North win at Vicksburg?
What beliefs about the United States did Lincoln express in the Gettysburg Address?
Describe William Sherman & his beliefs about war. (What does Sherman do to southern states/)
Where does the South surrender at? What was the date of surrender?
Describe how the Civil War changed the nation:
Political changes:
Economic changes:
Changes in people: