The plot of a conventional play, such as The Crucible, moves from

Romeo and Juliet plot line and characters:
The plot of Romeo and Juliet, moves from exposition through the rising action and complications to a climax,
through the falling action to a resolution.
1. You will need to decide the events from the play that belong in each category. On a separate sheet of paper
– create your Plot Diagram (neatly) and then place the events in the play where you think they belong!
2. Next, on your paper write who you think were the main characters and minor characters – list at least 2
for each term.
3. Next, on your paper, tell me who the round and flat characters are (at least 2 for each term) and list several
traits for the round characters and at least one trait for the flat characters.
4. Last, tell me which characters are (at least 2 for each term) considered dynamic and static characters –
(explain how each dynamic character was in the beginning and how the character changed throughout the play).
round characters: a character in fiction whose personality, background, motives, and other features are fully
described or outlined by the author;
flat characters: an easily recognized character type who may not be fully described or outlined but is useful in
carrying out some narrative purpose of the author.
dynamic characters: is one that does undergo an important change in the course of the story – changes in some
sense within the character in question – changes in insight or understanding (of circumstances, for instance), or
changes in commitment, in values;
static characters: is one that does not undergo important change in the course of the story, remaining
essentially the same at the end as he or she was at the beginning.
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