Fast Food Nation: Question of Inquiry

Fast Food Nation: Question of Inquiry #2
Throughout the reading of the book so far, you’ve been asked to consider certain chapters
and ideas through my directive. We’ve started with a central question of “what is American
culture.” Today, we’re going to further practice the process of inquiry.
Follow the steps below to create your question of inquiry and to start investigating the
Questioning and Predicting:
According to Wikipedia, inquiry is the “process that has the aim of augmenting
knowledge, resolving doubt, or solving a problem.” Create 3 questions of inquiry
relating to one of the chapters you have interest in reading (This should be a
chapter you have not yet read).
Chapter Title: ______________________
Names of subtitles in chapter:
My Pre-Reading Questions about the chapter (create three): What
would you like to know?
2. _______________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________
Plan of Action and Investigation:
Read the chapter you have chosen and try to answer the questions you have
posed to yourself. Furthermore, what do you find interesting, intriguing,
disturbing, fascinating (…etc) about the chapter you just read?
Create new questions you have based on what you just read. You’ll have to dig a
bit more to answer these.
Watch the documentary Food Inc. and collect new information that fits with
your inquiry – take notes
Discover a third secondary source for your question of inquiry. What more did
you learn? Are you still left with lingering questions?
Develop your own position on the topic you’re investigating.
Putting it all Together:
Answer your question of inquiry in a short, formal mini-research paper (2-3 pages).
Develop a thesis, catchy introduction, a method for organizing your information, and
a conclusion that addresses your question of inquiry. Remember, research is the
process of developing your own ideas and thoughts about a topic and supporting it
with the words of the experts. In addition, you’ll want to consider the art of
rhetoric in Schlosser’s and your writing: ethos, logos, and pathos. You’ll want to
include all three of these in your argument.
2. We will spend some of our time in class looking at the writing process and revisiting
how to put our information together.
Write a research paper (2-3 pages in length): typed, printed (hard copy), double-spaced,
MLA format, complete with a works cited page.
Submit the final draft on Monday, April 25 th.
EVIDENCE OF NOTE TAKING (Due Thursday, April 14th)
Notes from Chapter: ___________________________________
Question(s) to Consider:
Questions to the Text:
What I Find Important (Paraphrase sections)
Powerful Images (Visualizing)
Connections (to other readings or your experiences)