Annotated Bibliography Writing

AP Literature and Composition
Independent Reading Culminating Tasks
Independent Reading Culminating Task One: Write a biographical sketch
based on the author of your text. You must incorporate parenthetical references and
provide a works cited page. In addition, you will need to turn in a copy of the sources
you use. The attached “Biographical Sketch Outline” will assist you with structuring
your research and paper.
Note: Refer to Writer’s Inc. pages 255-274 for further clarification.
Due Date for Biographical Sketch:
Independent Reading Culminating Task Two: Write an annotated
bibliography based on one analytical/critical essay. You will need to turn in a copy of
your article along with the annotated bibliography. Use the Student Resource Data Bases
to find a critical article on your Independent Reading book. The attached “Annotated
Bibliography Guide” will assist you with structuring your writing.
Due Date for Annotated Bibliography:
Independent Reading Culminating Task Three: Write an Open Ended Essay
(timed writing) focusing on your IRP novel. This task parallels part three of the AP
Date Timed Writing Will Be Administered:
AP Literature and Composition
Annotated Bibliography Guide:
Annotated Bibliography Writing Guide
What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a list of sources for a
particular subject with short summaries of the sources themselves. An annotated
bibliography should include the correct bibliographic citation in MLA style followed by a
description and partial analysis of the text itself. An annotated bibliography in the study
of literature usually includes a listing of every criticism that has been written on a
specific work or every criticism that has been written on a specific subject on a specific
work. For example, it would be easy to list most criticisms written on John Irving’s A
Prayer for Owen Meany, but it would be nearly impossible to write an annotated
bibliography on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet; there are literally hundreds of thousands
of criticisms written on Hamlet. It would be more feasible for one to concentrate on a
certain subject pertaining to Hamlet when writing an annotated bibliography (i.e.
madness in Hamlet, female roles in Hamlet, power in Hamlet, etc.).
An annotated bibliographic entry: When writing an entry for a single entry in an
annotated bibliography, you should include the following information:
1. Heading
a. Name
b. Class
c. Date
d. Assignment (Annotated Bibliography Entry: Hamlet)
2. Bibliographic information – this should appear on your papers as it would on
a Works Cited Page
3. Body
a. Thesis – What is the author trying to prove by writing this criticism?
b. Five of the Author’s Points – You should summarize five things that
the authors says that help him prove his point. If each point is one
comprehensive sentence, then students will probably receive a B on
this assignment. If students desire an A then they should complete two
comprehensive sentences for each point.
c. Analysis – For one of the points, you should give your own personal
analysis. Tell whether or not the point is valid and tell why you think
the point is valid or invalid.
AP Literature and Composition
Outline for Biographical Sketch:
AP Literature Outline for Biographical Sketch
Directions: In order to successfully complete the Biographical Sketch, please follow this
outline to aid in the organization of your essay. On a separate sheet of paper, complete
the outline following this guide.
I. Introduction
a. Interest catcher/hook
b. Thesis statement
II. Body Paragraph One
a. Topic sentence
b. Biographical information - - focus on childhood, middle years, and maturity
III. Body Paragraph Two
a. Topic Sentence
b. Information on the author’s works
IV. Body Paragraph Three
a. Topic sentence
b. What influenced the author to write?
V. Body Paragraph Four
a. Topic Sentence
b. Awards / Recognition
VI. Body Paragraph Five
a. Topic Sentence
b. Impact on society
VII. Conclusion
REMINDER: You must use parenthetical references (internal citations) and provide a
Works Cited page.