The Romantic Movement in Art and Literature Web Quest

The Romantic Movement in Art and Literature Web Quest
Team _____________
Team member _____________
Use the links listed or research on your own to answer the following questions about the
Romantic Movement of the 19th century. Each member of your team should have his or
her own answer sheet. The first team with a complete and correct team sheet set wins a
special romantic prize!
Use the website below to answer the following questions:
1. In your own words define “Romanticism” (the literary sense please!).
2. What are the 5 “I”s of romanticism?
3. How did British Romantic poet William Wordsworth describe poetry?
4. What book is considered the beginning of literary romanticism?
5. Who were this book’s authors?
6. Cut and paste one stanza of a poem by one of its two authors.
7. List three ways in which the Neo classical movement in the arts differs from the
Romantic Movement.
8. List two Transcendentalist writers of 19th century America.
9. What did they believe? Use this website to help:
10. Name one work by each author.
11. What or who are the “Knickerbockers”?
12. What famous stories did Washington Irving write?
13. Cut and paste a picture of one of Irving’s famous characters.
14. In what ways does Edgar Allan Poe fit the description of a Romantic writer (list two)?
15. List 2 famous works by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
16. What is Herman Melville’s most famous work? In one line, what is it about?
17. What is the famous first line of this book?
18. Use the link below. Read the article about the Romantic Movement in the visual arts
and in your own words create a working definition based on what you read
19. List 3 artists who were members of the “Hudson River School”.
20. What was the subject matter of their painting?
21. Visit the websites below. View the art and cut and paste one Neo Classical painting
and one Romantic painting.
22. List three differences in the paintings.
Follow the link below and scroll to the slide titled: Music: Components.
23. What are the characteristics of Romantic Music?
24. List two Romantic composers.
25. Follow the link below and scroll to the Music section. Choose one of the musical
selections listed in the radio blog box. Close your eyes and listen.
Now draw a picture, write a poem or describe in 100 words or less how the music made
you feel.