Persuasive Speech Topics

Previous speech topics
Name: ______________
Circle and number your top three and/or write three new ones in the space below.
Affirmative Action must/must not be stopped
Gun controls must be stricter/unchanged
Advertising towards children must/not be banned
Increase the penalties for DWI’s
All pets must/must not be neutered
Increase the use of drug testing in schools
Armed Guards in schools must/must be put in place
Legalize all drugs
Animal Abuse - increase the penalties for animal abuse
Space travel & research – ban/don’t ban
Animal Testing is Cruel/Necessary
Protect the rainforests
Antarctica – Maintain ban on exploiting resources there
Recycling must/must not be required by law
Arctic – allow/not drill for oil there
School Uniforms – ban/don’t ban
Ban (don’t ban) cell phone use in cars
Schools must/not be year round
Ban/Require Dress Codes
Smoking in public must/must not be banned
Biofuels – US must do more/less to expand their use
Government must spend more/less on cancer research
Carbon footprint must be reduced
Stem Cell Research must/must not be funded
Death Penalty – ban/don’t ban
Students must go to school all year
Don’t/do allow the draft to come back
Government must require more fuel-efficient cars
Coal Sands – ban/allow development of it and related pipeline
Violent TV shows must not be on during the daytime
Cloning is a horrible/good thing and must (or must not) be stopped
Wal-Mart – does more harm than good/good than harm
Doctor-Assisted Suicide is Good/Bad
US should/not invade Iran
Eliminate the death penalty/Execute death-row inmates
Women should/not be allowed in combat
Extinct species – more must be done to protect animals
Windmills – expand/restrict their use
Flag burning must (or must not) be banned
Zoos – must be banned
Fracking – ban/allow it
Other topics of your choice, but it must be preapproved!
Fur clothes must/must not be banned
Government must/must not be allowed to eavesdrop on citizens