Etymology: Art The word of “Art” is derived from Latin word Artem




The word of “Art” is derived from Latin word Artem. Root: Suffix: Ar (Fit together, Join) Ar-tem (Latin; Art, Skill, Craft) Also in Greek “arti” (just), “artios” (complete) Armenian “arnam” (make) German “art” (manner, mode) New word = Article Root: Suffix: Suffix 2: Ar (Fit together, Join) Ar-tus (Joint) Arti-culus (Part of Written)


The Latin word of “Litterae” is derived from Greek word diphthera,?? διφθέρα, διϕϑέρα (skin, leather) Root: Suffix: suff: TURE Suffix 2: Litterae (Letter) Littera-tus (Learned, Cultured) Littera-tu-ra (System of Letters, Writing)


The word of “Philanthropy” is derived from Greek word “Philanthropia”. Root 1: Phil (Loving) Root 2: Anthropos (Mankind) Philanthropy = Benevolence, Humanity New Word = Philanthropically Root 1: Phil (Loving) Root 2: Suffix 1: Suffix 2: Proposal Prefix: Root: Suffix: Anthropos (Mankind) Philanthropi-cal (Characterized by Philanthropy; Loving or Helping Mankind) Philanthropi-cal-ly (Generous, Benevolent) Pro (Before, Forward) Pose (Put in a Certain Position) al (Offer) New Word = Poser Root: Pose (Put in a Certain Position) Suffix: Pose-r (a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not) NEW WORD WITH PRO WITH AL

Tom Robbins

Thomas Eugene Robbins

is an American author, he was born 1932, in North CarolinA. His novels principles about “happiness in spite of everything”. He useS ironic expressions in his novels. Tom Robbins İS interested in pantheism and mystic eastern religion. He is fan of indian Osho and he is advisory committee in “Legal Marijuana Movement”. His books;

Another Roadside Attraction

(1971) 

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

(1976) 

Still Life with Woodpecker

(1980) 

Jitterbug Perfume

(1984) 

Skinny Legs and All

(1990) 

Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

(1994) 

Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

(2000) 

Villa Incognito

(2003) 

Wild Ducks Flying Backward

(2005) 

B Is for Beer


T.S. Elliot

Thomas Stearns Eliot

was American born, English poet and playwright. He was born 1888 and he died 1965. He is expressionist and he useS material of classical culture. His works;


 Poems (1919)  Ara Vos Pree (1920)  Gerantion (1920)  The Waste Land (1922)  Sweney Agonistes (1923)

 Ash Wednesday (1930)


 The Family Reunion (1934)  The Rock, The Coctall Party (1950)  The Confidental Clerek (1953)

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