Communication—A basic life process


Introduction to Communication

Instructor: Sergio Chaparro

Chapter 3

Summer 2003

Communication—A basic life process

Communication Process in Animals and Humans

Open systems—animals and humans require also information.

Communication Modes

Visual Messages

Tactile Messages

Olfactory and Gustatory messages: chemical messages.

Auditory messages: stridulation.

Basic Functions of Communication

Courtship and mating


Parent-Offspring and Socialization



Territoriality: territory, personal space, and transitory territories.

Beyond the S-----M-----R= E perspective

Here communication is perceived as a process that helps adapting humans and animals to their environment. We can translate this to multiple situations in everyday life.

Let’s see for instance our behavior and communication patterns. Imagine for a moment all the factors involved in for instance coming to class today. Think about communicative situations in which you were involved today. What happened? How many of them were related to adapting to your own environment?