Reading - ___
Create a packet that contains the following...
(1) COVER PAGE – regular or fancy paper with the title, “An Illustrated
Guide to My Culture” and essay style info (your name, teacher name,
course, and date) in the lower right corner of the paper
(2) “ROOTS AND BRANCHES” – your illustrated “culture tree” design
□ Roots of your culture (2-3) — for example: nationality, religion,
ethnicity/language group, social/school group, geographic region, or
activity group
□ People who play an important role in my life, influence me, and/or
inspire me (3-5)
□ Picture of yourself at any age
□ Symbols/pictures that represent at least 3 of the following: family
tradition or custom, holiday, food, favorite book, sport or other
recreational activity, travel, music, hobby or talent.
□ Aspirations — 2-3 long-term goals (e.g. career, college, “claim to
(3) “BECOMING ME” – a personal essay (7+ lines) that answers some or all
of these questions...
□ Who am I? (Interests, important beliefs, place in my family)
□ Likes and dislikes? (Books, fashions, music, foods)
□ What are some of my short-term goals and long-term aspirations?
(“Claim to fame?)
□ What cultural roots have helped shape who I am?
□ What traditions do I honor (are important to me)? What might I
□ Who has influenced me?
(4) FAMILY INTERVIEW – interview a family member. Some possible
topics (do one ore more)...
□ How your ancestors came to this country
□ How your family came to live in Upper Dublin
□ A favorite holiday and what it means to your family
□ A memorable family trip/vacation
“Illustrated Guide to My Culture” Project Directions
M. Beilin – SRMS, 5/2010
The story of a family member who has passed on
Prejudice or racism someone in your family may have experienced
How to prepare one of your favorite foods
How chores are assigned in your family
A cure for a cold
A significant historical event (Holocaust, Civil Rights March, etc.)
The answer to a question that has been on your mind for a long
(5) BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH – a short research-based essay about a
notable person whom you admire, who inspires you, or about whom you
would like to know more.
□ 3-5 paragraphs
□ 2 or more sources (Wikipedia may not be used as a source )
□ Include a quote either by the person or the writer of the article
□ A picture
□ A “References” section listing all your sources in proper MLA
format and in alphabetical order (use noodletools to set up your
(6) FOLK LITERATURE – a one-paragraph retelling or summary of a folktale.
□ List at least 2 other folktales your read.
□ Include a proper citation for each story read.
(7) END PAGE – a blank sheet of paper. Packet must be stapled together.
NOTE: “Formal Copy Standards” (FCS) apply. All typed paragraphs must be
double spaced, Times New Roman font, and 12-point font size.
Parent Signature __________________________
“Illustrated Guide to My Culture” Project Directions
M. Beilin – SRMS, 5/2010