Sample Thank You Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Their Name – Job Title
Their Company
Their Address
Thank you for the ________.
Explain what the _________ means to you, how it will help you, how will you use it, etc.
Provide specific examples.
Write about how pleased you are there are people in the community who value GHC’s
vocational programs and that they have a desire to help students with financial needs
(something like that). Someday you hope to be in the position to help others, too.
(Sincerely, Respectfully, Cordially, etc.)
Your handwritten signature
Your typed name
The Thank you letter can be typed or neatly hand written.
Before sending it, check for spelling, punctuation, grammar errors and formatting. Read it
aloud. Ask someone else to read it. Fix errors before sending.
Joe Student
123 Somewhere St.
Aberdeen, WA 98520
[email protected]
Bill Businessowner
A Great Company, LLC.
456 Another Pl.
Aberdeen, WA 98520
January 16, 2014
Greetings Mr. Businessowner:
Thank you for awarding me the outstanding student of the millennium scholarship
The scholarship means a great deal to me and my family. It will allow me the extra funds to
enable me to purchase tools that I can use to further my career in the construction industry. I
will be purchasing a new job site table saw and battery powered hand tools that will allow me
to complete quality work in a timely manner.
The generosity that you have shown not only Grays Harbor College, but me specifically, with
the award of this scholarship, is a testament to your commitment of helping others, like myself,
with financial needs. Someday I hope to be in a position to help others, as you have helped me.
Joe D. Student