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8th Grade TIP
First Quarter
By Ayn Rand
This quarter you will read an epic political novel by Ayn Rand
called Anthem. Even though Rand’s novel is based on political
events in another era, you will be able to recognize issues that are
just as relevant today. An important theme throughout the book is
“We instead of I” and many of the activities you will do for this
project will help you realize just how powerful words can be. Use
the attached rubric as a guide.
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Due date: October 6, 2014
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The novel deals with the issue of the collective versus the individual. Research one
country that values the collective and one that values the individual. Prepare for a 3-5
minute speech based on the details of your research that compares and contrasts these two
countries and provide a visual to represent each country. Include a typed hard copy of the
speech in addition to the presentation piece. To complement the oral presentation, you
must include some form of visual (power-point, song, video, poster, etc)
Total____20 pts.
Students are matching the symbolism of equality and concepts of mathematics through
equality tic-tac toe. Students must defend their answers with specific references to the
book. As you think about the different characteristics of what equality is, think about
characteristics of different mathematical symbols and concepts in an equation. (Students
will receive worksheet from their math teacher)
Students will answer the nine questions on your own and attach a typed page to your final
Participation- Equality Tic Tac Toe
Your teacher will give you a due date to have the questions ready in order to participate
in a class activity that will relate to Anthem.
Total____20 pts.
Social Studies
Create a city map, a flag, National Anthem and a Bill of Rights (at least 10 rights) from
the “old” setting in Anthem. When writing the anthem, it should be set to a tune. You
will be expected to creatively present the anthem in class (examples: singing, rapping,
reciting, spoken word.) A Display board is to be used to showcase the City map, Flag,
Bill of Rights and the Anthem.
Display Board:
Left side of board: Bill of Rights
Middle: Flag (top) Map (bottom)
Right side of board: Anthem
Total____20 pts.
Language Arts
Write and perform a 2-4 minute argumentative speech from Equality 7-2521’s point of
view to present to the World Council of Scholars. Please include a typed hard copy. This
speech should include the following criteria about his “discovery”:
-Purpose of the speech
-Significance of the discovery
-Impact on society
-Plea for forgiveness of rules broken
Total____20 pts.
In Ayn Rand’s book, Anthem, Equality 7-2521 came across an interesting artifact, an
electric light. Throughout history, many discoveries or inventions were found by
accident and would probably have been discarded if someone had not taken the time to
THINK about what they saw or what happened. You will choose from the list of
“accidental” inventions or discoveries (see #1 below), answer 3 questions about your
choice (see #2), then choose a format (see #3 for suggestions) in order to visually present
the answers to the questions.
1. Choose a discovery/invention
Vulcanized Rubber
Big Bang Theory (not the TV show. Sorry Sheldon!)
Smart dust
Small pox vaccine
Corn Flakes
Strikeable match
2. Write the answers to the following questions, related to the discovery you chose, in
your science notebook.
Who made the discovery?
Explain/describe how the accidental discovery was made?
What are the impacts the discovery/invention has made on society, today?
3. You may choose one of the following formats or create one of your own to display
your findings.
Concept web Poster Foldable book
PowerPoint Presentation
Graphic organizer
Presentation strategy of choice (with teacher approval)
Total____20 pts.