New Deal Depression Era Essay

New Deal Depression Era Essay
Due on Final Exam Day
Guiding Question: To what extent did FDR's New Deal Policies change the role of
government for future generations?
Explain the background that led up to FDR'S New Deal policies. Explain the impact on peoples
lives during the depression
For an A: written in 5 paragraph standard format:
Demonstrates deep understanding of knowledge by citing specific details Presidential
policies, legislation, movements, Acts, events. Shows relationships such as cause and
effect, compares and contrasts, etc. to back up your thesis and statements.
Paragraph Development: Level of elaboration and supporting details
NOT to be written in first person - No mention "I" or in "My opinion"
Writing Style Appropriate use of sentence structure
Conventions - Spelling errors and grammatical errors kept to a minimum.
Cover Page: Name, Class period, Thesis Statement
Map, organizer, plan for essay
Must formally cite at least three sources
Must be typed.
Neat and Professional final product.
Essay Format
Introduction paragraph: Give a strong background showing the events and policies of
the 20's leading to the Depression. Give your thesis statement. Briefly highlight your
three major points.
Body Paragraphs: Fully developed paragraphs written in a logical format that supports
your thesis statement with strong examples, sources, specific information.
Conclusion paragraph: Restatement of thesis. Summary of effects today, Strong concluding
statement or future statement or refection of era, FDR, etc.