British literature AP and Honors Summer Essay Prompts In lieu of a

British literature AP and Honors Summer Essay Prompts In lieu of a journal, students will write two essays which correspond to the first two parts of TH White’s novel, ​
The Once and Future King​
. Both essays will be due the first Monday of class. All MLA parameters are expected and no essay should exceed 4 pages. Again, there is NO JOURNAL for the junior year. Additionally, AP students should find FIVE articles from the various ​
Week in Review​
sections from ​
The New York Times.​
You should write a 2 page response to the article, providing a ‘conversation’ with the text – this is NOT a summary. These responses will also be due the first Monday of class. If you have any questions, please email me at ​
[email protected]​
or [email protected]​
. Enjoy the summer! Mrs. Byrne Prompt #1: After reading part I of the novel, select what ONE attribute was the most important he learned from all of his experiences. Discuss at least three activities or lessons within Part I and how they helped him become a good ruler, providing specific (that means quoted) support from your reading. Please make sure to use appropriate parenthetical citations. Prompt #2: The traditional motto that ​
Might equals Right​
is discussed at length within the second session of the novel. Arthur struggles with what is the correct way to rule. Given that White wrote this novel between 1938 and 1941, compare and contrast Arthur’s ultimate view/opinion of war and control with two of the world leaders who were prevalent right before and during WW II. You may have to do a bit of research – if so, please provide a proper works cited at the end and parenthetically cite anything within the text itself. This particular prompt will also be beneficial to the AP US History curriculum.