Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation
Scientific notation has two parts: the coefficient and the power
of ten (x10power).
Let's convert the number 1234.567 to scientific notation.
The first step is to make your coefficient a number between 1 and 10 by
moving the decimal point to behind the first non-zero number.
1234.567 = 1.234567
The next step is to create the power of ten by counting the number of digits the decimal point is moved to the
right or left. Movement to the left is a positive power and movement to the right is a negative power.
In this case, the decimal point was moved 3 digits to the left. Movement to the left is positive power, so the
power of ten term will be x103. If the movement were 3 digits to the right, the power of ten term would have
been x10-3.
0.00356 = 3.56 x 10-3
100.456 = 1.00456 x 102
5 x 102 = 500.
5.632 x 10-2 = 0.05632
2.00345 x103 = 2003.45
1234.567 = 1.234567 x103
49834 = 4.9834 x 104