HAZARD AND RISK ASSESSMENT In any mining operations

In any mining operations, whether opencast and/or underground, work safety is taken care
of by the Mines Act, the Mineral & Mines Act, and Rules framed there under.
The risk to general public in the present case may arise from the following
Fly rocks, during blasting operations,
Plying of trucks etc on public roads
Ground vibrations due to blasting
At Patana Dolomite (White Chalk) Mine, there will be no risk to public from any of the
factors listed above. Although surrounding area has plain slightly undulating topography,
no pathways or public roads are passing through the proposed lease area.
The mining activity will be carried out by manual opencast method and no drilling and
blasting activities are involved.
An assessment of risk at the proposed Dolomite mine due to each of the factors listed in
paras below:
The stone and earth material dug out while manual working for approach to the mine will
be utilized for construction of ramps etc. The excess stone and rock will be placed on the
ground in low height dumps which will be reclaimed through plantation.
The workers deployed at the mine will be provided all necessary safety equipments as per
the statutory norms prescribed by DGMS. Regular training to the workers to follow the
safety precautions on/off site will be provided through competent person /agency.
There will not be any bulk storage of fuel and oil at this mine. The permissible quantity of
diesel and lubricants will be stored after observing necessary precautions as prescribed.
The tippers/trucks taking Dolomite to linked fertilizer industries will be playing on State
Highway but entry from mine to highway will be kept away from nearby villages so than
the risk to persons is reduced.
Fatal accidents during mining operation are not envisaged however accidents during
vehicular movement cannot be ruled out. For this purpose all traffic rules will be followed
for safe movement of vehicles. The drivers will be given regular training. The internal roads
will be earmarked for thr movement of vehicles and sign boards at promionent places will
be displayed in local vernacular language .
The scale of manual opencast mining activity is low, for major part of life of the mine, is
unlikely to have any appreciable impact on environment. This mining project will generate
about 83 jobs directly and double that number in secondary and tertiary sectors.