Algebraic Expression Like Terms Associative Property Commutative

Associative Property
Algebraic Expression
the sum (or product) of a set of
numbers is the same no matter how
the numbers are grouped
a mathematical phrase involving at
least one variable and sometimes
numbers and operation symbols
Example: 3 + (2 + 1) = (3 + 2) + 1
Examples of Expressions:
Commutative Property
the sum (or product) of a group of numbers
is the same regardless of the order in which
the numbers are arranged
Example: 3 2 = 2 3
5x + 2, x – y, r + y2
Order of Operations
the rules to be followed when
simplifying expressions
Like Terms
terms in an algebraic expression that
have the same variable raised to the
same power
Example: 5x3 and 12x3 are like terms.
Example: Simplify 4 + 3  2
4 + 3  2 = 4 + 6 = 10
a number multiplied by a variable in
an algebraic expression
Example: The coefficient of
6x2 is 6 because 6 is the number
that is being multiplied by x2
the number of times a number or
expression is used as a factor of
repeated multiplication
23 = 2  2  2
Variable vs. Constant
a letter or symbol
a quantity that
used to represent a
does not
number or quantity
change its
that varies