STAT 200. Elementary Statistics for Applications

STAT 200. Elementary Statistics for Applications
(Spring 2015, Section 202, MWF 2:00pm - 3:00pm, ESB 1013, Jan 4 – Apr 8, 2016)
Class webpage: There are two webpages for this class: STAT 200 page on Connect
( and instructor’s personal page at˜lang/stat200.
(Discussion board, WeBWorK, lab info, R software info, and Clicker info are on the Connect
page. Announcements, lecture notes, written assignments, and exam information are posted
on instructor’s personal page.)
Instructor: Lang Wu, Dept of Statistics, UBC. Email: [email protected] Office: ESB 3126.
Coordinators: Lang Wu and Melissa Lee
Office hours: Instructor: Tuesdays 2pm - 3pm, ESB 3126. TA office hours will be posted
Email policy: Please use instructor’s email for urgent and personal matters only. For questions about course materials, please post them on Connect discussion board, or talk to the
instructor or TAs after classes or during office hours.
Textbook: De Veaux, R.D., Velleman, P.F., et al. (2012). Statistics Data and Models (any
recent editions), Pearson Canada. Instructor’s lecture notes will also be posted.
Prerequisite: One of MATH 101, 103, 105, 121 and SCIE 001, or permission of instructor.
Labs: You are required to attend one of the weekly lab sections. The first lab session is in the
second week of the term. See Connect page for details.
iClicker: We will be using the iClicker in almost every lecture. You will be graded on both
participation and performance (50% each). You must register your clicker remote online by
January 18, 2016 on UBC Connect. You are responsible for bringing your remote every
class. Clicker marks on the first three lectures and any three more lectures will not be counted.
See Connect page for details.
Homework: There will be two written assignments and weekly online homework (WeBWorK).
Exams: There will be one midterm exam and a final exam. Tentative schedule of the midterm
exam is Friday, February 26, 2016 (in class, 50 minutes). No makeup exams.
Evaluation: Clicker: 5%, online homework (weekly WeBWorK): 10%, written assignments
(two): 6%, labs: 5%, midterm: 24%, final exam: 50%. The weights may be adjusted if
Reference: “Introduction to the Practice of Statistics” by D.S. Moore, G.P. McCabe, and
B.A. Craig, any recent editions.