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October 2015
We would like to take this time to remind you that we
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Thoughts from Tom
Make sure to do a good preflight inspection
whoever flew the aircraft last will get charged for
any damages not reported prior to the flight.
An Airplane’s four forces
By Betty Debnam The Mini Page
Lift, gravity, thrust, and drag: These are the four forces that act on an airplane flight.
LIFT is created by the shape of the wing, which makes the air pressure above the plane’s wing less than the
pressure below. This causes the plane to lift upward.
When the Lift is greater than the Gravity, the plane goes up.
GRAVITY is the force pulling the plane down.
When the Gravity is stronger than the lift, the plane goes down.
THRUST is the force created by a power source that moves the plane forward – either in a propeller or a jet engine.
When the Thrust is greater than the drag, the plane moves forward.
DRAG is the force that slows the forward movement of the plane through the air.
When the drag is increased, the plane slows down.
What’s Going On?
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What should be the first action after starting an
aircraft engine?
A. Test each brake and the parking brake.
B. Adjust for proper RPM and check for desired
indications on the engine gauges.
C. Place the magneto or ignition switch momentarily in
the OFF position to check for proper grounding.
Last month’s newsletter CHALLENGE Question and
QUESTION: What service should a pilot normally
expect from an En Route Flight Advisory Service
(EFAS) station?
ANSWER: A. Actual weather information and
thunderstorm activity along the route.
Remember to always check
NOTAMS, prior to your flight for
any short notice TFR’s.
Ken’s Korner
Remember what is unbecoming to do
is also unbecoming to speak of.
Got Ya! - Ken