GUNS FROM THE SEA III Time Table Day 1 (Lectures are to be 45

Time Table
Day 1
(Lectures are to be 45 minutes)
Registration (coffee/Tea)
0900 - 0945 Wrought from the Sea: New evidence and thoughts on wrought
iron ordnance. Kay Smith
0945 -1015 English guns in Italian waters, recent discoveries. Ruth Brown
1015 - 1045 Bronze and cast iron ordnance found off Galicia in a wreck of the
second Spanish Armada (Padilla's fleet 1596). Renato Gianni
Ridella and Miguel San Claudio.
Mid morning tea
1115 - 1200 Esmiral of Minquiers Reef: A late 16th century bronze breechloading swivel gun from the Minquiers Reef, Channel Islands, UK.
Robert Waterhouse, Field Archaeologist - Societe Jersiaise
1200 – 1245 Recent bronze ordnance discoveries from three shipwrecks off
Brsecine, SV Pavao and Vis harbour, Croatia. Igor Mihajlović, Igor
Miholjek and Jurica Bezak Conservators and Archeologist Department
for Underwater Archeology Croatian Conservation Institute.
1345 – 1430 The changing arsenal of a Tudor warship. The Mary Rose of 15091545. Alexander Hildred
1430 - 1515 Forensic archaeology and the gun carriages of Pepys London.
Gun carriages from the wreck of the London. Daniel Pascoe.
Afternoon Tea
1545 - 1630 Ordnance of the Sun King: Louis XIV era brass marine guns.
Christian Cholet.
1630 - 1715 La Real Fábrica de Artillería de La Cavada (1622-1835). Supplying
guns to the Spanish Navy. Ramon Orrite.
1715 – 1730 End of first day exit venue
Day 2
0915 -1000 From ocean depths to public display: treatment of a cannon in a
restoration workshop. Restoration and Conservation of cannon in
France. Gilles Baron, Elodie Guilminot, Charlène Pelé-Meziani,
Christine Riquier-Bouclet: Arc’Antique Laboratory, Nantes (France)
Nathalie Huet, Marine Jaouen: DRASSM (Département des recherches
archéologiques subaquatiques et sous-marines), Marseille (France)
1000 - 1045 The Guns of Gun Rock, 3D photogrammetry and ordnance
recording. Peta Knott and John McCarthy, Wessex Archaeology.
Mid morning tea
1115 -1200 Guns of Victory, the conservation and recording of the ordnance
from HMS Victory 1744. Jon Privot Head of Metals Conservation and
Dr D.M. McElvogue TrenDive
1200 – 1245 Guns from the Narrow Seas: New Discoveries. Dr Sean Kingsley,
Director, Wreck Watch Int.
1345 – 1430 Heavy hammers and Dirty hands: Guns from the North Sea
seldom arrive clean. Nico Brink
1430- 1515 Age and provenance of a bronze swivel gun from northern
Australia. Matt Cupper, University of Melbourne, Jon Woodhead,
University of Melbourne, Ian Mcintosh, University Indianapolis, Tim
Stone, Tim Stone Heritage, Michael Owen, SEP Consultancy, Michael
Hermes, Consultant Archaeologist, Matthew Maus, Indiana University
Afternoon Tea
An Eighteenth Century English Gun in Turkish Waters.
John D. Littlefield Texas A&M
1630 -1715 “Cannons have their bowels full of wrath”, lessons learnt from
live firing of replica guns from the sea. Nicholas Hall, Royal
1715 - 1730 Q&A and roundup of the conference – OS Chairman