Determined of Current Antimicrobial Sensitively for Treatment of

Determined of Current Antimicrobial Sensitively for Treatment of
Urinary Tract Infection Caused by E.coli in kermanshah Reference
Laboratory patients
Introdaction and aims: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most common
infection during human life , more than 85% of UTIs ocurr by E.coli. Increasing
antibiotics resistance in pathogenic bacterial genealogy of UTI , specially in E.coli is
of the substantial problem in therapy .
Material and method: This study was on 326 positive urine culture in patients and
were evaluated based on disk diffusion method according to antibiotic resistance
pattern to NCCLS table. In this study with use 14 current antimicrobial for treatment
in UTI such as , AM , AMX, SXT, GM, NA, FM ,CAZ, CP, NOR, CT, CRO,CN,
Results: 326 urine sample( 272 women 54 men), The most effective antibiotic was
FM(79.44%) ,CT( 60.12%), CAZ(48.77%), NA(47.85%), GM(42.94%) and there
after to antibiotics CP, NOR ,CTX, SXT, CRO, CFM, CN,AMX & AM respectively
most sensitivity was observed.
Discution and conclusion:comparing the results of resistance pattern of this study
with other countries, is seems irregular use of antibiotics is the increased
antibiomicrobial resistance.
Key words: UTI, E.coli, resistance and sensitive antibiotics
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