Module 1: Ecosystems and the effects of Grazing

Course Expectations
This course is designed to be administered through the internet to a diverse demographic
of students. It will allow students the flexibility to complete the course materials,
assignments, and tests on their own schedule at their own pace.
There will be ___ points available for the entire course. Grades will be given as
determined by the % of points earned in the quizzes (___points), tests (____points), labs
(____points) and assignments (___points) completed in Smart Site.
In this course, standard grading will be applied.
Not Passing
% of points
Module Presentation and Laboratory Schedule
Module 1: Ecosystems and the effects of Grazing
1) Presentation 1: Characteristics of Grazed Ecosystems
a. Assignment: Ranch Plan Overview
b. Assignment: Rangeland Maps and Information
2) Presentation 2: Importance of Grazing and Grazing lands
a. Assignment: Goals Exercise (survey of goals, vote on priorities)
3) Presentation 3: Rangeland Ecosystems
4) Presentation 4: Effects of Grazing on Plants
a. Assignment: How grass grows
5) Presentation 5: Effects of Grazing Communities
6) Presentation 6: Effects of Grazing on Ecosystems
Module 2: Foraging Behavior and Livestock Distribution
1) Presentation 1: Foraging in Time and Space
a. Assignment: Stock Flow
2) Presentation 2: Landscape Level Decisions
3) Presentation 3: Plant community and patch level of diet selection
a. Assignment: Preference Index
4) Presentation 4: Feeding Station level of diet selection
5) Presentation 5: Learning and Consequences
6) Presentation 6: Livestock Distribution
a. Assignment: Carrying Capacity
Module 3: Forage Quality and Animal Nutrition
1) Presentation 1: Forage Quality From the Animal Perspective
2) Presentation 2: Forage Quality from a Nutritional Perspective
a. Assignment: Forage Quality
3) Presentation 3: Herbivore Digestion
4) Presentation 3: Animal Nutrient Requirements
a. Assignment: Animal Nutrient Requirements
5) Presentation 4: Forage Intake
Module 4: Ranch and Grazing Systems
1) Presentation 1: Ranch Operations
a. Assignment: Calendar of Operations
b. Assignment: Forage Source Calendar
2) Presentation 2: Grazing Management Principles
a. Assignment: Grazing Plan for Forbes Hill
3) Presentation 3: Grazing Methods or Systems