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Don’t Rush to Flush
Flushing of non-flushable products can cause serious plumbing problems. Proper
disposal is critical to our facility’s operations.
DO NOT flush pre-moistened washcloths, towels, diapers, etc. Flush toilet paper
only. Do not dispose of non-flushable items in bedside commodes. Put nonflushable items in the trash.
YOU can help protect our facility by educating patients and family members
about proper disposal. When using a Comfort® Personal Cleansing product,
remind patients and family members not to flush.
A new kit from Sage Products offers free “Do Not Flush” educational materials for
display in patient rooms and bathrooms. Posters, tent cards and stickers are
available. Please post the materials in patient and staff areas to reinforce the “Do
Not Flush” message. We all need to work together to encourage proper disposal.