China Covered in Smog The Chinese government recently put out a

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December 15th, 2015
China Covered in Smog
The Chinese government recently put out a red smog alert for 72 hours. The alert
affects those who live and work in the major cities, like the capital Beijing. The red
smog alert was from Monday, December 7th to 12 midday on Thursday, December 10th.
How does smog form?
Smog is a form of air pollution. Weather conditions, like humidity, wind and changing
temperature, can cause fog. The exhaust from cars and trucks, the smoke from coal plants,
and the air pollution formed by building work, give off dangerous smoke and chemical gases.
The fog, smoke and chemicals mix together and form a thick blanket of smog over a city.
Smog makes it difficult to breathe. This type of air pollution is also bad for people’s health.
A smog alert
An alert is a warning. There are three different smog alert levels – yellow, orange and red –
red being the most dangerous. The latest red smog alert affected the daily lives of those in
the Chinese capital. Schools were closed, building sites stopped working, and only half of the
cars were allowed on the roads.
Daily life
Smog affects the daily lives of the Chinese people. People wear
face masks to protect themselves from the polluted air. People
said that they don’t go outside when there is smog. Those who
sell things on the street have fewer customers. At the airport,
flights do not land and take-off on time. Also, children can’t go
outside to play sports.
Government criticised
The Chinese government finds it difficult to put out a high level smog alert. This is because it
puts a stop to things that earn money for a country. The government prefers to put out a
yellow or orange level alert. But the Chinese people criticise the government for this.
What is China doing to stop the smog?
China needs to do something to cut the amount of dangerous smog that covers its cities. It
wants to have half as much smoke by 2030. Also, it plans to make the coal power plants
better between now and 2020. The Chinese government just cannot agree on what the
biggest problem is: the exhaust from the cars, the coal heating in the winter, or the smoke
from the coal power plants. Yet, one thing is certain: they have to do something.
Words to help you
A plant = a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes place
Humidity = the condition in which the air is very warm and damp
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