Proposal for Pediatric and Fetal Echocardiography Procedure Reports for WG12
DICOM WG 12 has determined that it is desirable to create a new Pediatric and Fetal
Echocardiography Procedure Report to describe measurements and calculations made
during pediatric and fetal ultrasound studies.
It is proposed that the DICOM Committee approves a Work Item for the development of
a Pediatric and Fetal Echocardiography Procedure Report supplement, and request the
WG 6 staff to assign a supplement number.
Limitations of Current Standard.
No storage of information of specific pediatric and fetal echocardiography is available
with the existing echocardiography procedure report SR templates.
Description of Proposal.
This supplement introduces the structure and codes used to transfer pediatric and fetal
echocardiography reporting information. The goal of this supplement is to establish a set
of base encodings for pediatric and fetal echo studies to be used to transfer measurements
and calculations from ultrasound systems for subsequent review.
Parts of Standard Affected.
Part 16 may require new TID, CID and codes.
It is not proposed to add new services, messaging or encoding.
The Ultrasound WG 12 has already begun initial development of a new SR.
It is anticipated that development of the supplement can be completed by end of 2008 or
begin 2009. Phone conferences and face-to-face meetings will be scheduled as needed to
complete reviews of the supplement, with editing of the supplement to be completed in
between these meetings by Earl Canfield.
Six hours of WG 6 meeting time on two occasions during 2008 are expected to be
consumed for the review and approval of public comment and letter ballot text.